In the event that either you or some one else in your family is facing a deportation or removal proceeding, it is crucial that you take the necessary steps and hire a deportation lawyer Woodland Hills as soon as possible, in order to minimize the chance of being separated from your family and sent back to your home country. The mistake that many people who face deportation make is that they either give up any and all hope of being able to remain in the United States or they think that they might be able to persuade the judge of allowing them to stay with a convincing, sympathetic story. While these are understandable thoughts, they are misguided, when you consider the nature of the immigration court proceedings. It is vital for you to be equipped with a solid legal defense as well as representation from an experienced immigration lawyer from Law Offices of Edward Weisz to achieve the best possible result
When looking at the differences between an immigration court hearing from normal court proceedings, it can be noted that they are less formal, have no jury, use less legal language, and generally are of the understanding that the immigrants are likely unfamiliar with the American legal process. As the immigration judge is supposed to be impartial, they are not supposed to automatically side with the Department of Homeland Security, but consider arguments from both sides before coming to a final decision. While it is a more relaxed setting than a regular court hearing, it still means that you need to have a solid legal defense that will hold up in a court of law. If all you have to say to the judge is that you are a hard worker with a family in this country, they will likely be forced to have you deported.
Because you need to figure out a defense strategy, it is a good choice to find an immigration lawyer immediately so your attorney can help you determine the best way to defend your deportation. As immigration laws are often very complex, there can be possibilities that may not have occurred to you as an option, so working with a professional will increase your chances of winning your case and avoiding deportation. In some cases, you can qualify for asylum, in the event that returning to your home country will cause you to face persecution. In other cases, you could even be granted a green card, in that you have demonstrated good character in your years in the United States.
Through demonstrating good moral character and having close family and ties in the country, an exercise of prosecutorial discretion can also be requested, in which the case will be closed to focus on actual perceived threats to society. By working with the deportation lawyer Woodland Hills from the Law Offices of Edward Weisz, you can avoid deportation and find yourself closer to becoming a US citizen.